In The Case of the Visiting Sultan, Lashanti was a West African sultanate ruled by Sultan Oba I'Mobi. It was also a British protectorate under the governorship of Sir Milton Chambers. In the story, the Sultan was a progressive monarch who was educated in Britain. In addition, he held a "B" (commercial pilot's) licence, planned to fly from his own aircraft from the Lashanti capital Masdu to London for a colonial conference. The Sultan would also be bringing along his son and his royal regalia. When Air Commodore Raymond received intelligence that master criminal Rocky Cordova had gone to West Africa and suspected he might try to ambush the Sultan's flight, Biggles was asked to provide discreet protection.

Lashanti is a fictional name. Its location in West Africa and its name suggests that it might have been modelled after "Ashanti", a West African self-governing kingdom which was a British protectorate from 1902 until it entered a state union with Ghana in 1957 where it is now the autonomous region of Ashanti. Kunali, an airstrip which Biggles chose as his operating base, sounds similar to Kumasi, the present day capital of the Ashanti region. However the similarity is not exact. There does not seem to be an actual city or town with a name similar to Masdu. Moreover, a sultan implies that the state religion is Islam. Ashanti is ruled by kings, and the predominant faiths are traditional African religion, followed by Christianity, with Islam being a minority.

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