In Biggles' Combined Operation, the Laughing Horse Bar was an establishment which served as the drug gang's centre of drug distribution in Paris. Located in the Rue Manton, a small side street between the Place Pigalle and Montmartre, it was in the "red-light" district of Paris. The bar was run by Del Grikko who was probably the leader of the drug gang's operations in Paris. The bar apparently had a monopoly of drug operations in Paris. The restaurant and cabaret area of the bar was the front--the real operations took place in the office behind a velvet curtain by the band. Regular drug customers were given a code knock. If recognised, the customers were then admitted by Louis, Del Grikko's bodyguard and the drug transaction then took place inside.

Ginger, who was tailing a drug gang member, arrived at the Laughing Horse Bar first but promptly found himself drugged and brought before Del Grikko who demanded his business.

Biggles arrived at the bar later with Eddie Ross in search of Ginger. There they met Noel Burton, a down and out English drug addict at the end of his tether who had been reduced to begging money from customers of the bar in order to buy another drug fix. Burton told Biggles he had earlier met Ginger and had seen him carried into the office, apparently drunk. Burton also pointed out Alfondez to Biggles. He was the drug runner who delivered the stocks to the bar monthly.

Biggles barged into the office to extract Ginger. he might have had the advantage of surprise but then Georges Macula entered the office and identified Biggles as a policeman who was an associate of Eddie Ross. Biggles was now outnumbered and the situation became tense but Marcel Brissac arrive in the nick of time to get Biggles and Ginger out.

The Laughing Horse Bar has the French name of "Le Cheval Qui Rit". This was not mentioned in the text but was shown in the illustration facing page 33 of the first edition.

The Laughing Horse Bar is a fictional location, as is the Rue Manton. But the Place Pigalle is real and has the same reputation today as it did in the book.

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