In Biggles Learns Something, Laxter was an ex-R.A.F. pilot who operated a cross-Channel air taxi service for criminals, flying people between England and France. He flew a Sud-Ouest Farfadet gyroplane and, on the England side, chose race meetings such as Ascot and Newmarket to land/pick up his passengers. This, according to Biggles, was a smart move as it would not occur to the authorities for an illegal operation to take place in the middle of a crowd of ten thousand people. Among his customers were Andre Plaudet and Baron du Fornier, also known to Scotland Yard as "Sharky the Card".

Biggles described Laxter as an ex-R.A.F. pilot who was once acting as second pilot to von Stalhein although research has not revealed another instance of a "Laxter" in connection with von Stalhein. The only other Laxter whom Biggles met was Verney Laxter in Biggles on the Home Front but this is definitely a different person as he was killed at the end of that book.

Laxter was arrested by Marcel together with his passenger Andre Plaudet when he landed in a field in Normandy after Biggles had followed his aircraft out from Newmarket.

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