in Biggles Works It Out, Len Holmes ran a flying school and an aircraft hire service at Darwin Airport. Dick Canton, posing as a journalist, had hired an Aeronca light aircraft from Holmes to fly out to Barula Creek, ostensibly to do a story about the gold mine but in actual fact to gather information and help his gang plan the ambush and robbery of its gold convoy.

Holmes told Biggles that Canton wanted to rent the Aeronca for one or two hours but ended up keeping it for the whole day, with some story about meeting with some engine trouble.

According to Holmes, Canton had turned up at Darwin on a motor bike to rent a plane. Holmes had inspected Canton's licence carefully before renting the Aeronca to him and confirmed that he held a Royal Aero Club "B" licence. He gave the impression that he wanted to rent the aircraft for a joyride and paid for it in cash.

Holmes told Biggles that the Aeronca wouldn't have had enough fuel to make it to Barula Creek and back even though Canton started with full tanks. What was even more strange was that the tanks were half full when he returned. Biggles surmised that Canton must have met with another aircraft in the outback and refueled from it.

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