Title Year-Mnth Publisher Series Remarks
Mossyface 1922 As William Earle
Wings - Flying Adventures 1931-08 J. Hamilton
The Modern Boys Book of Aircraft 1931-08 J. Hamilton
The Pictorial Flying Course 1931-05 J. Hamilton
The Camels are Coming 1932-08 J. Hamilton Biggles
Fighting Planes and Aces 1932-11 J. Hamilton
The Cruise of the Condor 1933-08 J. Hamilton Biggles Serialised Aug-Sep 1934
The Spyflyers 1933 J. Hamilton
Biggles of the Camel Squadron 1934-03 J. Hamilton Biggles
Biggles Flies Again 1934-08 J. Hamilton Biggles
The Black Peril 1935-03 J. Hamilton Biggles Serialised Feb-Apr 1935
The Air VCs

1935-06 J. Hamilton
Some Milestones of Aviation 1935-06 J. Hamilton
Biggles Flies East 1935-08 OUP Biggles
Biggles Hits the Trail 1935-08 OUP Biggles Serialised Jun-Aug 1935
Biggles in France 1935-11 The Boys' Friend Library Biggles
Sky High 1936-02 Newnes Steeley
Biggles & Co 1936-04 OUP Biggles Serialised Jan-Mar 1936
Steeley Flies Again 1936-06 Newnes Steeley
Biggles in Africa 1936-08 OUP Biggles Serialised Aug-Sep 1936
Blue Blood Runs Red 1936-12 Newnes As Jon Early
Biggles - Air Commodore 1937-05 OUP Biggles Serialised Oct-Dec 1936
Murder by Air 1937-08 Newnes Steeley
The Passing Show 1937-09 My Garden
Biggles Flies West 1937-09 OUP Biggles Serialised Jun-Sep 1937
Desert Night 1938-03 J. Hamilton
Biggles Goes to War 1938-05 OUP Biggles Serialised Sep-Nov 1937
Biggles Flies South 1938-05 OUP Biggles Serialised Feb-Apr 1938
The Biggles Omnibus 1938-05 OUP Biggles
The Murder at Castle Deeping 1938-05 J. Hamilton Steeley
Champion of the Main 1938-06 OUP
Wings of Romance 1939-03 Newnes Steeley
Biggles in Spain 1939-05 OUP Biggles Serialised Jan-Apr 1939
The Rescue Flight 1939-05 OUP Biggles Serialised Oct-Dec 1938
Biggles Flies North 1939-09 OUP Biggles Serialised Jul-Sep 1938
The Modern Boys Book of Pirates 1939-09 Amalgamated Press
Det Forsvunne Bagboksblad (The Missing Page) 1939 Forlagshuset, Oslo, Norway Steeley
The Unknown Quantity 1940-01 J. Hamilton
Biggles – Secret Agent 1940-05 OUP Biggles Serialised Aug-Oct 1939
The Biggles Flying Omnibus 1940-06 OUP Biggles
Biggles in the Baltic 1940-06 OUP Biggles Serialised Mar-May 1940
Biggles in the South Seas 1940-09 OUP Biggles Serialised Oct-Dec 1939
Biggles Defies the Swastika 1941-08 OUP Biggles Serialised Sep 1940-Jan 1941, Mar-Apr 1941
Biggles Sees It Through 1941-08 OUP Biggles
The Third Biggles Omnibus 1941-08 OUP Biggles
Worrals of the W.A.A.F. 1941-09 Lutterworth Worrals Serialised Oct 1940-Sep 1941
Spitfire Parade 1941-11 OUP Biggles Some story elements from Biggles in France.
Biggles in the Jungle 1942-05 OUP Biggles
Worrals Flies Again 1942-09 Hodder & Stoughton Worrals Serialised Oct 1942-Dec 1943
Sinister Service 1942-10 OUP
Worrals Carries On 1942-10 Lutterworth Worrals Serialised Oct 1941-Sep 1942
Biggles Sweeps the Desert 1942-11 OUP Biggles
Biggles - Charter Pilot 1943-07 OUP Biggles Serialised Oct 1941-Apr 1944
Biggles in Borneo 1943-07 OUP Biggles
Biggles Fails to Return 1943-08 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Worrals on the War-Path 1943-10 Hodder & Stoughton Worrals
King of the Commandos 1943-11 Hodder & Stoughton Gimlet
Worrals Goes East 1944-05 Hodder & Stoughton Worrals
Gimlet Goes Again 1944-11 University of London Press Gimlet
Biggles in the Orient 1945-04 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Worrals of the Islands 1945-10 Hodder & Stoughton Worrals
Biggles Delivers the Goods 1946-04 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Gimlet Comes Home 1946-11 University of London Press Gimlet
Gimlet Mops Up 1947-08 Brockhampton Gimlet
Sergeant Bigglesworth C.I.D. 1947-08 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Worrals in the Wilds 1947-11 Hodder & Stoughton Worrals Serialised Nov 1945-Aug 1946
Comrades in Arms 1947-12 Hodder & Stoughton Gimlet, Biggles, Worrals
Biggles' Second Case 1948-04 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles Serialised Feb-Sep 1946
The Rustlers of Rattlesnake Valley 1948-08 Thomas Nelson
Biggles Hunts Big Game 1948-09 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Worrals Down Under 1948-10 Lutterworth Worrals Serialised Oct 1946-Jul 1947
Gimlet's Oriental Quest 1948-11 Brockhampton Gimlet
Worrals in the Wastelands 1949-01 Lutterworth Worrals
Biggles Takes a Holiday 1949-07 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Worrals Goes Afoot 1949-08 Lutterworth Worrals
Biggles Breaks the Silence 1949-09 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Gimlet Lends a Hand 1949-11 Brockhampton Gimlet
Short Sorties 1950-05 Latimer House
Biggles Air Detective 1950-05 Marks & Spencer Biggles
Worrals Investigates 1950-06 Lutterworth Press Worrals
Biggles Gets His Men 1950-08 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles Serialised Jan-Jun 1949
Gimlet Bores In 1950-09 Brockhampton Gimlet
Doctor Vane Answers the Call 1950-11 Latimer House
Another Job for Biggles 1951-02 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles Serialised Feb-Aug 1950
Biggles Goes to School 1951-06 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Gimlet Off the Map 1951-08 Brockhampton Gimlet
Biggles Works It Out 1951-10 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Biggles Takes the Case 1952-04 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Biggles Follows On 1952-08 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Gimlet Gets the Answer 1952-09 Brockhampton Gimlet
Biggles and the Black Raider 1953-05 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Sky Fever, and Other Stories 1953-06 Latimer House
Biggles in the Blue 1953-07 Brockhampton Biggles
The First Biggles Omnibus 1953-09 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Biggles in the Gobi 1953-10 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Biggles of the Special Air Police 1953 Thames Publishing Co. Biggles Includes 7 stories from The Camels are Coming.
Biggles Cuts It Fine 1954-03 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Kings of Space 1954-05 Hodder & Stoughton Science Fiction
Gimlet Takes a Job 1954-06 Brockhampton Gimlet
Biggles and the Pirate Treasure 1954-07 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles Foreign Legionnaire 1954-09 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Biggles Pioneer Air Fighter 1954-11 Thames Publishing Co. Biggles Remix of stories from "The Camels are Coming" and "Biggles of the Camel Squadron"
Biggles in Australia 1955-03 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Adventure Bound 1955-03 Thomas Nelson
Biggles' Chinese Puzzle 1955-03 Brockhampton Biggles
Return to Mars 1955-09 Hodder & Stoughton Science Fiction
The Biggles Air Detective Omnibus 1956-02 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
No Rest for Biggles 1956-03 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Biggles Takes Charge 1956-06 Brockhampton Biggles
Now to the Stars 1956-08 Hodder & Stoughton Science Fiction
Biggles of 266 1956-08 Thames Publishing Co. Biggles Remix of stories from "Biggles in France" and "Biggles Learns to Fly"
Biggles Makes Ends Meet 1957 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Biggles of the Interpol 1957 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles on the Home Front 1957 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
To Outer Space 1957 Hodder & Stoughton Science Fiction
Adventure Unlimited 1957 Thomas Nelson
Biggles Presses On 1958 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles on Mystery Island 1958 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Biggles Buries a Hatchet 1958 Brockhampton Biggles
The Edge of Beyond 1958 Hodder & Stoughton Science Fiction
Takes Charge for Murder 1958 Hodder & Stoughton
Biggles in Mexico 1959 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles' Combined Operation 1959 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Biggles at World's End 1959 Brockhampton Biggles
The Death Rays of Ardilla 1959 Hodder & Stoughton Science Fiction
The Man Who Lost His Way 1959 Hodder & Stoughton
The Biggles Book of Heroes 1959 Max Parrish Non-Fiction
Biggles and the Leopards of Zinn 1960 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles Goes Home 1960 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
To Worlds Unknown 1960 Hodder & Stoughton Science Fiction
Adventures of the Junior Detection Club 1960 M. Parish
Where the Golden Eagle Soars 1960 Hodder & Stoughton
Biggles and the Poor Rich Boy 1961 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles Forms a Syndicate 1961 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Biggles and the Missing Millionaire 1961 Brockhampton Biggles
The Quest for the Perfect Planet 1961 Hodder & Stoughton Science Fiction
Biggles Goes Alone 1962 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Orchids for Biggles 1962 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles Sets a Trap 1962 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Biggles Takes It Rough 1963 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles Takes a Hand 1963 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Biggles' Special Case 1963 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles and the Plane That Disappeared 1963 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Biggles Flies to Work 1963 Dean & Son Biggles
Worlds of Wonder 1963 Hodder & Stoughton Science Fiction
The Man Who Vanished into Space 1963 Hodder & Stoughton Science Fiction
Biggles and the Lost Sovereigns 1964 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles and the Black Mask 1964 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Biggles Investigates 1964 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles Looks Back 1965 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Biggles and the Plot That Failed 1965 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles and the Blue Moon 1965 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles Scores a Bull 1965 Hodder & Stoughton Biggles
Biggles in the Terai 1966 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles and the Gun Runners 1966 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles Sorts It Out 1967 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles and the Dark Intruder 1967 Knight Books, Leicester Biggles
Biggles and the Penitent Thief 1967 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles and the Deep Blue Sea 1968 Brockhampton Biggles
The Boy Biggles 1968 Dean & Son Biggles
Biggles in the Underworld 1968 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles and the Little Green God 1969 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles and the Noble Lord 1969 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles Sees Too Much 1970 Brockhampton Biggles
Biggles of the Royal Flying Corps 1978 Purnell Biggles Remix of stories from "The Camels are Coming"and "Biggles Learns to Fly"
Biggles Does Some Homework 1997 Norman Wright Biggles
Biggles Air Ace: The Uncollected Stories 1999 Norman Wright Biggles


The 1969 book No Surrender is sometimes listed as a book by W. E. Johns (with R. A. Kelley). This book is actually by William Edward Johns DSM, a different person with the same initials. The book is his first hand account of his service on board HMS Exeter during the Second World War.