In The Two Bright Boys, Lord Anthony Hankin, or Tony Hankin was a sixteen year old school boy who built a light aircraft with his friend Cliff Clemson. Their aircraft which they named Skylark was what they called a flivver, an aircraft which would be priced so low that it would make flying popular in the same way that Henry Ford had made motoring popular by producing the Model T. Their plan was to have a design ready to go into production by the time they left school. Tony's mother, Lady Hankin had put up the money for the hobby, Tony's father having died during the war.

Unfortunately, the Skylark soon became a flight hazard and Biggles was asked to investigate. Biggles spent much time convincing them about the danger they were causing to others but didn't get very far. At the same time, Biggles didn't want to dampen their enthusiasm and suggested that they wait until they enroll and graduate from a proper aircraft engineering course and so set up their business on a proper footing. However Tony and Cliff were too impatient to wait.

Biggles made Tony promise not to fly again until he had consulted Air Commodore Raymond. However, when Biggles returned to Betcham Manor, where Tony lived, Cliff told him Tony had taken off and was overdue. It turned out that Tony was taxying quickly to get the Skylark under shelter during a storm when a gust of wind had lifted the craft, forcing him to continue the flight in zero visibility. After one scare and another, he had then crashed into a barbed wire fence. After having had the fright of his life, he told Biggles he was finished flying for the time being.

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