In Biggles Hunts Big Game, Louis was the nephew of Kravas, a wealthy Armenian merchant residing in Cairo who headed an international gang of counterfeiters.

Louis was employed as the booking clerk at the Cairo offices of the counterfeit gang's airline company "Stellar Skyways". Louis would take bookings for flights and tours ran by Stellar and in that capacity he met Bertie and Ginger who had gone undercover and booked themselves onto the "Hunter's Tour" as a means of taking a closer look at the Stellar's operations at Kudinga. Louis also served as a go-between for management and company pilots, detailing them for flights and passing instructions. When Tug Carrington (who had joined Stellar as a pilot undercover) arrived in Cairo with company chief pilot Ivan, Louis detailed Ivan to fly to Rome on some urgent business and sent Tug on to Kudinga solo with an important letter for Kreeze. Later Louis detailed Tug to fly Kravas to Kudinga from Cairo, with special instructions to take good care of his passenger because he was an important director of the company.

Louis was arrested when the Egyptian police raided the airport offices of Stellar. He panicked and decided to turn King's evidence, taking the police to a secret depository at Kravas' residence where the police found a large amount of incriminating information, including a detailed filing system laying everyone who worked for Kravas in his various criminal ventures.

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