In The Man Who Came by Night, Lucien Mallon was a French youth who was found dead in a lake in the village of Shotsey, North Hampshire. With his body was a haversack of smuggled Swiss watches and a parachute of French origin.

Mallon was a youth of about seventeen or eighteen. He worked as a mechanic at the Flying Club of Tornay in France. There he must have come under the influence of club member and antique dealer Claude Vauvine who must have persuaded Mallon to act his his courier, either for pay or for the thrill of it. The plan was for Mallon to drop into Britain by parachute with a load of Swiss watches. Vauvine's manager of his branch shop in London would collect Mallon and the watches from his dropzone. Unfortunately for Mallon, an unexpected strong wind sprang up on the night he jumped. As a result, he overshot his dropzone and fell into a lake where, encumbered by his heavy clothing, he drowned.

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