In Biggles in Borneo, Lucky Strike was the name given to a landing ground used Captain Rex Larrymore as a prospecting camp and which was later used by Biggles' 666 Squadron as a secret base for strike operations in Japanese occupied Borneo.

Lucky Strike located near Mount Mulu (an actual mountain of about 8,000 ft) in Northwest Borneo. The landing ground itself was located at the 4,000 ft contour. It was a dry lake bed on which grew a bluish moss which had the appearance of water from the air. Although the size was never given, it must have been quite large as it could accomodate three squadrons.

The landing ground was surrounded by a sixty mile belt of forest and beyond that, going downhill to the foot of the mountains was a thirty mile belt of bamboo swamp. This made Lucky Strike practically inaccessible from the lowlands. A village of Punans headed by their chief Suba resided near the landing ground.

Captain Larrymore discovered this landing ground and made it his camp while prospecting for diamonds. While working there, he had stockpiled some 5,000 gallons of petrol. During the war, he offered it to the R.A.F. as a suitable secret strike base for a small squadron and so Biggles and his 666 squadron was sent there shortly after the Japanese had occupied Southeast Asia.

At the end of the book, the Allied authorties, impressed by the work of 666 Squadron, decided to establish the base on a permanent footing. The landing ground was properly paved by engineers, Australian troops were stationed to provide defence and two Australian squadrons of fighters and one of bombers were deployed there to take over from 666 Squadron.

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