In Horace Takes a Hand, Luigi Costino was a drug peddler and Dartmoor escapee whose attempt at liberty was foiled by the observation powers of fifteen year old Horace Wilburton.

Luigi co-owned a Soho night-club with his brother Carlo Costino. Both of them were sent to Dartmoor for peddling dangerous drugs. Carlo had a shorter sentence and was released first and set up a Dartmoor "escape" club to which prisoners were encouraged to subscribe. The idea was that club members would escape from Dartmoor and make their way to a specially arranged hideout in Dartmoor equipped with civilian clothing, food and weapons. There they could lie low until an aircraft could be sent to evacuate them overseas.

Luigi was the first customer of the escape club. Unfortunately for him, Horace Wilburton had spotted his brother Carlo setting up the hideout and reported it to Biggles. When Luigi got to the hideout, he found the police waiting. Carlo, who turned up two days later in an Auster aircraft, was also arrested. Luigi thought Carlo had tricked him and told the police all about the "escape" club.

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