In Fishy Business, Lutenski was a fur trader who reported his suspicions of fur smuggling to Scotland Yard.

A Pole who became a naturalized British citizen, Lutenski had been invited to accompany a British Trade Mission to Russia to buy furs. At Leningrad he had bought a parcel of eight matching cream coloured mink skins of very fine quality, paying a large sum of money. However when the parcel arrived, he found that someone had changed the parcel and he received only poor quality common skins.

As furs were his business, he claimed to be able to recognise skins as well as people recognised faces. He spotted his cream mink fur being worn by one Lady Branding in London. He asked her where she got the coat from and was told they came from one Marius Kindus, who owned an expensive shop in Mayfair. Kindus told Lutenski he had bought them from a private show at a flat in Park Lane. Lutenski checked the address, Flat 17, Greenwood Mansions, Park Lane, but found the place empty.

Lutenski next approached H.M. Customs to ask the name of the person who had imported those skins since a high duty would have to be paid on them. However the Chief Customs Officer told him no such skins had been imported. Suspecting that they must have been smuggled in, he approached Scotland Yard. Gaskin, believing there to be an air angle, referred him to Biggles. Subsequent investigations by Biggles resulted in the arrest of Marius Findus for smuggling.

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