In Biggles Nets a Fish, Major Booth was a U.S. Army officer who was with the Inter-Zonal Security Section in Western Germany, responsible for a heavily wooded area near the boundary with the Russian sector. Two German poachers brought in a small packet which had been dropped into the woods, probably from an aircraft which had mistaken the poachers' torch lights as signals. Booth examined the packet and saw that it was a micro-film of scientific plans prefixed by a cypher written in ink on the film. Sensing the importance of this, he called his headquarters and was asked to hand the message on the packet to his own decoding department and wait for a special scientific investigator from Bonn.

The so-called investigator arrived at Booth's office very soon after and Booth became suspicious. When the investigator demanded the micro-film, Booth excused himself to go fetch it from the decoding department and meanwhile called headquarters. Headquarters told him that the investigator couldn't possibly have arrived yet, so Booth gathered an armed guard and returned to his office only to find that the fake investigator had fled after killing the two Germans who brought in the packet with some kind of gas pistol.

Fortunately, Booth still had the microfilm and it was the fact that it must have be photographed by someone with access to secret plans at the Heatherstone Moor atomic research station that provided the rest of the plot of the story.

Booth admitted that in retrospect, he should have realized that the long delays he encountered on the long distance phone call to his headquarters suggested that it was being tapped. He told Air Commodore Raymond and Biggles that he had served in the New York State police for twenty years and thought he was pretty tough but that was "kid's stuff" compared with all the cloak and dagger dealings with the Iron Curtain.

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