In Biggles Hunts Big Game, Major Grattan was a senior police officer at police headquarters in Cairo. Biggles turned to him for help when he needed to break into the offices of Stellar Skyways to search for evidence against the counterfeiting gang led by Kravas. Grattan loaned him the services of Abdullah ibn Abu, whom he considered to be the most brilliant housebreaker in the city. Abdullah happened to be available at police headquarters because he had just been picked up for loitering with intent.

Later, Grattan was notified by a Foreign Office message to raid the counterfeiting gang's base at Kudinga. He flew out with a large contingent of Egyptian police on board two R.A.F. Bristol Bombays, arriving just in time to support Biggles, Ginger, Bertie and Tug Carrington who were in a standoff with the members of Kravas' gang. Grattan's men proceeded to mop up the place. When the gang leader, who had been going by the name of Mr. White, had been killed by snakebite, Grattan identified the body as actually that of Kravas, an Armenian merchant who was one of the wealthiest men in the Middle-East. He radioed this information at once to Cairo, enabling the police there to raid Kravas' residence and securing a vast quantity of evidence to eliminate the gang totally.

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