In Mystery on the Moor, part of the Biggles Flies to Work anthology. Manton Rushling was a former solicitor who had served a five year term for forgery. He went to the same school as Doctor Alton Bentworth, a plastic surgeon. When Rushling learnt that the doctor was in trouble having been struck off the register, he approached Bentworth with a proposition. The idea was to set up a "clinic" in a remote farmhouse in Dartmoor where criminals could take refuge and meanwhile have their faces and/or fingerprints altered through plastic surgery. When Ginger and Bertie, posing as lost hikers, visited the Dartmoor farmhouse, Rushling was on hand to throw them out and send them on their way. With tremendous presence of mind, Bertie asked to borrow Manton's torch. The fingerprints left on the torch helped Scotland Yard to confirm Manton's identity and he was subsequently arrested when the farmhouse was raided by Biggles and Gaskin.

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