In The Case of the Stolen Aircraft, Merville Lucas Lutton was an ex-sergeant pilot of the R.A.F. who was trying to build an experimental light aircraft which he named the "Lutton Flivver-plane". In pursuing this project Lutton had made an application for aviation fuel from the Air Ministry but had been turned down. In order to get fuel to test his invention, he stole a Westland Lysander and a de Havilland Mosquito from R.A.F. training stations for their fuel.

When Biggles traced the aircraft thefts to Lutton and confronted him at his farm/workshop at Wimbold Farm, Norfolk, Lutton was at first inclined to be violent and pull out a revolver. However Biggles convinced him not to make his case worse for himself. Biggles allowed Lutton to remain where he was while awaiting further official action. However when the police arrived to take Lutton into custody, he attempted to escape in this Flivver-plane. At five hundred feet, a wing came off and the aircraft crashed, killing him.

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