In Assignment in Arabia, Miktel was a medical student at London University. When Jerid Beni Menzil was abducted by his uncle Abu Ibn Menzil, Miktel was approached and asked to help rescue Jerid who was being held prisoner at El Kafala. Miktel came from the region and knew Jerid. He was willing to undertake the rescue if the British government would provide the transport.

Accordingly, Biggles was tasked to fly Miktel out to a small oasis some two to three miles from El Kafala. Leaving Biggles with the aircraft, Miktel departed for El Kafala. Arriving at the oasis, Miktel found Jerid and was about to leave the village when they were discovered. Fortunately, just at this time, a neigbouring tribe attacked El Kafala on a ghrazzu or raid. In the chaos which ensued, Miktel and Jerid were able to steal two horses and escape, heading for Biggles' aircraft. Although hotly pursued, they reached Biggles just in time and managed to take off ahead of their pursuers. Biggles brought Miktel and Jerid first to Kuwait and from there back to London. Later, Jerid returned to El Kafala as the sheikh and Miktel was appointed as the court physician.

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