In Biggles in the Gobi, Miss Summers was one of the refugee missionaries whom Biggles was sent to rescue from Western China. Miss Summers, an Englishwoman of middle-age, had hidden in the caves of Nan-hu with 10 other colleagues.

When Nan-hu had been attacked by the troops belonging to Colonel Ma Chang, most of the missionaries had been captured or killed. However, Summers, Miss Treves, Mr Ritzen and Father Dubron had escaped capture. She met Algy and Ginger on their arrival at Nan-hu and gave them an account of the attack.

Later, when news arrived that Ma Chang planned to move the captured missionaries from Tunhwang to Ansi, Summers had a minor disagreement with Ginger when he proposed a plan to attack the convoy and rescue the prisoners. A pacifist by nature, it seems, Summers told Ginger that she disliked bloodshed and held it as unpardonable.

At the end of the book, she was among the people safely airlifted out when Biggles arrived at Nan-hu with the Halifax.

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