In The Lady From Brazil, Miss Varros was a aircraft maintenance worker at London Airport who assisted in an emerald smuggling racket operated by Dolores Cantani and Jose da Silvaro.

Varros worked as a sanitation worker. Her job was to board arriving aircraft and spray the interiors with insecticide to prevent the importation of mosquitos and other disease-bearing insects. When Dolores Cantani arrived in London on board an Inter-Atlan Airways airliner, Varros would board the aircraft as part of her duties and retrieve jewels which Cantani had stuck under her seat (always number 7) with chewing gum.

Varros was caught when Biggles noticed that she chewed gum while working and connected it with Cantani having chewed gum during the flight. When confronted by Biggles and Foster, a customs official, Varros became frightened and produced the gum in her mouth, revealing two valuable emeralds. She confessed that she had been persuaded into the racket by Dolores, who was her half sister, and by da Silvaro, whom she used to work for.

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