In Biggles Makes Ends Meet, Mitsubu was a pilot who worked for Colonel Black's smuggling gang. Formerly a pilot with the Japanese forces during the Second World War, Mitsubu had been stationed in the Nicobars, and there he met Colonel Black. After the war, he signed on and worked for the Colonel, primarily flying a green Dakota between the Colonel's secret base in the Nicobars to and from Jaffna and Kutaradja on supply runs. Mitsubu also piloted the Nakajima fighter which intercepted Bertie's Otter amphibian as he approached the Colonel's secret island base. Later, Mitsubu took off with the Count and a cargo of gold from the island base in his Dakota, hoping to outrun an approaching storm and make for Jaffna. He returned a few minutes later, having decided he could not penetrate the weather. However, the wind had shifted without his knowing, and Mitsubu botched the landing in the strong tailwind. The Dakota crashed and burst into flames, killing both him and the Count.

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