In Biggles in the Terai, Mohamed Khan was a shikari who helped saved Algy's life when he crashed after his Hawker Hunter had been sabotaged.

A retired subahdar with twenty-two years service, Mahomed Khan lived in Nepal but often came to the Terai to hunt in order to supplement his pension by bagging and selling tiger. leopard or crocodile skins. During one of these trips, he saw Algy's plane crash in the jungle. Making his way to the crash site, he found the engine lying on top of Algy's leg and had to dig to pull him free. He then stayed with Algy over a period of almost a month to tend to his wounds which included a double fracture. Like any experienced shikari, Khan was able to live off the land and provide Algy with food.

During this time the gold smuggling gang continued to search for the crash site of Algy's plane in order to confirm his fate. Their aircraft also continued to use the jungle air strip to transfer smuggled gold. Khan observed that the gold smuggling gang used the airstrip at almost the same time every month. Khan tried to keep them away by shooting at the aircraft whenever they landed, and on at least one occasion, with Biggles watching, he succeeded in driving it away.

At the end of the book, Khan was rewarded by the Indian government for the part he had played in rescuing Algy and indirectly putting an end to the gold smuggling operations. Algy also sent him a present from London.

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