In Biggles Works Overtime, Monsieur Corton was a senior partner of Corton et Cie, a jeweller specialising in pearls located in the Rue de la Paix in Paris. Biggles learnt from the Suakin pearl dealer Janapoulos that the murderer Eustace Bowden was headed for Cortons in Paris to try to sell the pearls he had stolen from Sheikh Ibn Usfa. Accordingly, he flew to Paris with Ginger with the aim of forestalling the pearl thief.

Corton, on being approached by Biggles and Marcel Brissac, agreed to cooperate. When Bowden called at his shop, he stalled for time, by telling him that the pearls needed to be properly valued before an offer could be made. Bowden was therefore required to leave the pearls with him and return later. In the meantime, Corton would call Marcel. The arrangement proceeded as planned and when Bowden returned to Cortons, Marcel, Biggles and several policemen were waiting for him.

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