In Biggles Takes a Hand, Mr Carson was the estate agent who handled the sale of Westwinds, the residence formerly owned by Dr Bruno Jacobs. Biggles first met Mr Carson after he had called at the house at 11 Bishop's Way, Hampstead, hoping to find Dr Jacobs and the Roths. Mrs Smith, the current owner, told Biggles she had bought the house from Dr Jacobs some six months before. She had never met Dr Jacobs and did not know where he had gone and suggested that Biggles look up Mr Carson. Carson told Biggles that he did not know where Jacobs had gone either. Jacobs had wanted the house sold discreetly, without advertising in the newspapers. He did not leave a forwarding address. Instead he called occasionally at Carson's office to enquire about the progress and eventually picked up the cheque payment from there. Carson told Biggles a woman with two children had also called earlier looking for Dr Jacobs.

Biggles left his number and asked Carson to call him if there was anything he thought might help the police locate Dr Jacobs. He later called Biggles to tell him that Westwinds had been broken into and Mrs Smith had been attacked and knocked unconscious.

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