In Biggles in the Terai, Mr Kama Akbar was the manager at the airport at Shara, in Northern India. Akbar met Algy while he was in Shara investigating a gold-smuggling gang at the request of Indian security authorities. When Biggles arrived to search for Algy, Akbar cut a good impression with Biggles with his cheerfulness and helpful nature. Akbar told Biggles all he knew about Algy's disappearance. He was concerned to learn the next day that an assassination attempt had been made on Biggles and Bertie but he took Biggles' advice not to do anything about it--Biggles preferred to keep the opposition guessing about why the attempt on their lives had failed. Akbar assigned to Biggles and Bertie the same mechanic that he had assigned to Algy--Ram Singh, a young man whom Akbar had met when they were both studying in Britain, Akbar at Oxford and Singh at an aeronautical college.

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