In Biggles at World's End, Mr Scott was a ship's chandler in Punta Arenas. A Scotsman who had settled in Chile, Mr Scott kept a ship's chandler establishment at the new mole in the port area of the town. Mr Scott had rented his yacht, the Seaspray to the two British botanists Barlow and Carter who had since gone missing. As part of Biggles' mission was to search for these two, Biggles naturally approached Mr Scott for all the information he had in order to plan his search.

Mr Scott was sore about the loss of his yacht but nonetheless supplied Biggles with valuable background information for his mission. These included a detailed description of the yacht, and the geography of the area they would be searching. Scott also gave Biggles background information about the airport manager Hugo Gontermann. Although Scott admitted that he did not know Gontermann well, he was able to tell Biggles that Gontermann's father might have served aboard the Dresden, that Gontermann himself had gone back to Germany to serve in the Luftwaffe during the Second World War and that he owned a yacht, Der Wespe, and often went sailing. These facts would later help Biggles make sense of much of Gontermann's behaviour and help to anticipate his moves.

Later when Biggles found a piece of red canvas in the canoe of some Indians among the islands in the Magellan Straits, Mr Scott was able to identify it as coming from the Seaspray. Throughout Biggles' stay at Punta Arenas, Scott proved to be a friendly and ready source of news. Towards the end of the book, when Biggles called on Scott again, Scott was able to tell him that a Russian whaler which was in port had people on board who were looking for Gontermann. Again this was a timely piece of news which alerted Biggles to the fact that the situation was escalating and time was running out for his search.

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