In The Case of the Black Sheep, Mr Videll was a liaison officer between the Board of Trade and H.M. Customs and Excise. He sought the assistance of Air Commodore Raymond and Biggles when large quantities of contraband nylon stockings were appearing on the black market. The nylons appeared about four times a year, and always shortly after the arrival of a tramp steamer, the Sirocco. However, the ship and its crew had been throughly searched each time it arrived and nothing had been found. Yet nylon stockings kept coming in.

Biggles investigated the case and found that someone on the Sirocco had dumped a parcel of nylons overboard, to be picked up by Flight Lieutenant R. Q. Paullson in a floatplane. Paullson, a sheep farmer, then packed the nylons in a bale of wool to be delivered to Louis Vanberger, a wool merchant, who had masterminded the whole nylons scheme.

Biggles believed Paullson's explanation that he did not really know what was in the parcel he picked up and packed for Vanberger. Paullson thought the parcel contained cigarettes. He had only ever been paid with American cigarettes. Biggles though Paullson had learned his lesson and had given his word not to stray again.

At the end of the case, Biggles passed Videll the information which would enable him to put a stop to the racket and prosecute the parties concerned. He accepted Biggles' request to take no further action with Paullson.

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