In The Case of the Flying Clown, Nix was the pilot and partner of the clown Nemo (Jacob Ironmaster)) in the "Air Thrills Unlimited" flying circus.

Nix was head of the air section of the circus as well as part of the central act as part of the "Nemo and Nix" partnership. Nix would pilot a stunt biplane while Nemo did wing walking and other dare-devil stunts in mid air. During the rehearsals for the show to be given for the dignitaries of the World Peace Conference in Paris, Biggles overhead on radio the instructions Nemo gave Nix to fly the aircraft over the stands where the dignitaries would be seated and surmised that Nemo must be planning something. Unable to arrest Nemo because there was not yet any solid evidence, Biggles did the next best thing which was to have Nix tied up and kept under watch while he himself, disguised as Nix, piloted the biplane.

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