In Biggles' Combined Operation, Noel Burton was an English drug addict in Paris. At the time of the story, Burton was out of money and badly in need of a drug fix. he hung around the Laughing Horse Bar, hoping to beg money off customers. Burton first approached Ginger and asked for 500 francs. Ginger declined and told him to go away. Later when Biggles arrived at the bar with Eddie Ross, Burton, seeing that Biggles was English like Ginger, approached him as well. Biggles needed information and so tempted Burton with two thousand francs. Burton needed little temptation and told Biggles all about the drug operations at the bar, the various personalities like Del Grikko, Louis and Rastus, how regular drug customers gained access to the inner office through a code knock, and how the drugs were brought monthly to the bar by a runner named Alfondez whom Burton pointed out. Burton also told Biggles that he had seen Ginger being carried into the office, apparently drunk.

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