In Biggles Works It Out, Odenski was an operative of the criminal gang headed by Count Heinrich Horndorf known as "The White Prophets of Peace". Thought to be a Russian, Rumanian or East European, Odenski was the manager of the gang's base at El Asile in the Sahara. Odenski apparently ran a tight ship, one of the most important precautions being to keep strict control of the keys to the canteen and its supply of liquor. Odenski was also a chemist and sometimes acted as the camp doctor when medical care was needed but the main emmploymentfor his chemical skills lay in converting the stolen gold into gold sulfate, a form of gold which looked very much like basic slag, commonly used as a fertilizer. This allowed the golld to be easily and safely transported from El Asile to Europe.

After the Tuareg attack on El Asile, Algy found Odenski mortally wounded on the wadi floor. Before he died, Odenski told Algy he had discovered von Stalhein and Wilhelm Groot trying to escape and abandon the base during the attack. Odensi had tried to challenge them, whereupon von Stalhein had shot him in the stomach. Some of Odenski's men had found him after the attack, but, far from helping him, they merely took the keys of the liquor supply and then left him to die.

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