In Biggles Goes Home, Mr Poo Tah Ling was a wealthy Chinese merchant who escaped from Communist China eventually ending up in the jungles of Garwhal, to where Biggles was eventually sent to rescue him.

Poo had been one of the most important and wealthy Chinese merchants in Shanghai and in that capacity had become acquainted with many British traders and had gained a reputation as a great friend of Britain and an extremely trustworthy and reliable business partner. When the communists took over China, Poo escaped up the Tsangpo river into Tibet, intending to spend the rest of his life there in quiet retirement.

However, when Chinese troops marched into Tibet in 1959, Poo found that he had to flee again for a second time. He escaped with a Tibetan servant down the Himalayan foothills into India into the jungles of Garwhal. Begin a Chinese, Poo's position was difficult. He could not follow the Dalai Lama's party because he knew the Tibetans would view him with suspicion. Nor could he easily take shelter in Indian villages, as the relation between India and China were strained. Fortunately, Poo and his servant came across the camp of a British prospector, Captain John Toxan, who took him in and gave him food and shelter for a time. However when Toxan wanted to retire, he knew that he could no longer care for Poo. Nor did Toxan and his assistants have enough manpower to bring Poo, who was in poor health, out of the jungle with them. Accordingly, Toxan sent a message to the British government requesting help in evacuating Poo.

Biggles and co. were sent to the jungles of Garwhal to extract Mr Poo. However, by the time they arrived, Chinese troops had also crossed the border on the same hunt. The Chinese troops found Toxan's camp first and launched a surprise attack which killed one of Toxan's Gurkha assistants and wounded Toxan himself. Poo and his servant managed to escape and hide in the brush for a while but were eventually captured.

Biggles' efforts to locate and rescue Poo form much of the plot of the book. Along the way, Biggles befriended several Gond tribesmen, Mata Dhinn, Bira Shah and Ram Shan who providle invaluable help. Biggles also joined forces with Toxan's Gurkha assistant Hamid Khan who proved a formidable jungle fighter, stealthily crawling into the Chinese camp to free Mr Poo. With his new found allies, Biggles and his friends successfully evacuated Mr Poo and the wounded Captain Toxan by air first to Delhi and then to London.

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