In Mission Oriental, Prince Chan was uncle of the Sultan of Kulang. A man of about 60 years of age, Chan was, as Johns' described in the story, cast as the "evil uncle of the play". The younger brother of the father of the Sultan, Chan had designs on the throne, and was in league with Communist terrorists who were in the jungles surrounding the Sultanate, with the intention of toppling the Sultan.

Faced with the dual threat of the Communist terrorists and Prince Chan, the Sultan had sent a request to the British government to evacuate his heir, Prince Suba and the Sultana to safety in Britain. However, when Biggles arrived at Kulang, Prince Suba and the Sultana were unable to make the rendezvous. Prince Chan and some of his accomplices had them cornered in a council chamber in the palace together with the Sultan. Chan demanded that the Sultan sign abdication papers on the grounds that he was unable to quell disorders in his sultanate. There were riots in the town outside the palace but these had actually been started by Chan through rumours that the Sultan had abdicated in his favour.

Biggles and his party forced their way into the council chamber just at that moment. Chan told Biggles to get out but Biggles ignored him and addressed himself only to the Sultan. The Sultan, whose position was now greatly strengthened by Biggles' party, declared that he had no intention of abdicating and that he intended to send Prince Suba and his sultana away to safety in Britain. Chan angrily declared that this would not happen but Biggles firmly told him to stay out of the way. Sensing that his opportunity was slipping away, and egged on by one of his accomplices, Chan made one last desparate effort. He drew his knife and leapt at the Sultan but Biggles moved just as quickly and shot him dead.

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