In Mission Oriental, Prince Suba was the 10-year old son and heir to the Sultan of Kulang. When the Sultan found his domain surrounded by Communist terrorists intent on toppling his Sultanate and an evil uncle who was in league with them and who had designs on the throne, he sent Mr Ong, his personal secretary, to request assistance from the British government. The Sultan wanted Prince Suba evacuated to Britain together with the Sultana. In Britain, the Prince would be safer and so long as he was alive, the uncle Prince Chan would have no claim on the throne, thus greatly securing the position of the Sultan himself.

As the Sultanate was surrounded by Communist terrorists in the jungles, overland travel was not safe and the evacuation would have to be done by air. However, when Biggles arrived at Kulang in his Handley Page Hastings, the Prince and the Sultana were not at the rendezvous. Together with the Sultan, they had been cornered in a council chamber in the palace by Prince Chan and some accomplices who were demanding that the Sultan sign papers of abdication. Biggles led his party into the council chamber just when things were getting tense and announced his firm intention to carry out the Sultan's wishes and take the Prince away to safety. This drove Prince Chan to draw a knife in a last desparate attempt to remove the Sultan but he ended up being shot by Biggles. The crisis being averted, Biggles was able fly the Prince and the Sultana to safety. As they were heading to the aircraft, the Prince asked Biggles his name. On being told to simply called him "Biggles", the Prince commented on what a funny name it was. "That's what I think," said Biggles, agreeing.

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