In The Case of the Visiting Sultan, Rocky Cordova was an American criminal who planned to ambush the aircraft of the Sultan of Lashanti and rob him of his crown jewels.Described by the Air Commodore as America's "number one bad man", Rocky had been wanted by American authorities for a long time but they had never been able to find the evidence to convict him.

Cordova was a wealthy man who lived in a palace surrounded by guards and used a private aircraft for fast transportation. Among his hobbies was the collection of diamonds and he boasted that he had one of the best collections in the United States, a collection which had been stocked from the spoils of multiple thefts and robberies.

When Air Commodore Raymond's counterpart in New York called to tell him that Cordova had gone off for to West Africa, he immediately connected this with the Sultan of Lashanti's plan to fly himself, his son and his regalia from West Africa to a conference in London. Raymond suspected that Cordova might be making an attempt to rob the Sultan of Lashanti of his jewels and assigned Biggles to protect him.

Biggles flew a decoy aircraft one hour ahead of the Sultan's flight. Cordova took the bait and attacked Biggles using a Cobra attack aircraft flown by his pilot Juan Laroula. In the ensuing dogfight, Biggles hit the Cobra several times, causing it to explode, killing both Cordova and Laroula.

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