Routine Patrol is the fourth short story in the sixth anthology of Biggles Air Police short stories entitled Biggles of the Interpol. The anthology was first published in 1957 by Brockhampton.


While out on a routine patrol over the west coast of Scotland, Ginger spots some smoke rising from an uninhabited island. When Ginger approached for a closer look, the fire was quickly doused. Following the principle that anything unusual should be followed up, Biggles and co. fly to the island, with surprising results.


See articles under Margaret Laretski for details of the plot.


The Special Air Police/Scotland YardEdit

  • Biggles
  • Algy Lacey
  • Ginger Hebblethwaite
  • Bertie Lissie



  • Unidentified Air Police aircraft used by Ginger on patrol and again with Bertie for a second look at the island
  • Unidentified service helicopter on loan



  • Unnamed island among the Western Isles of Scotland


Research NotesEdit

References to the pastEdit


  • Biggles asks Ginger to take Bertie with him for a closer look at the island. However when the reconnaissance party returns, it is Algy who is given the line: "He's there all right," as though he had just returned from the mission.



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