In Biggles in the Blue, Rumkeg Haven was the name of the estate of Werner Wolff, an ex-Nazi senior officer and a war criminal who lived in Jamaica under the assumed guise of a Norwegian named Christen Hagen. The estate was located in Tew's Anchorage in the outskirts of Kingston. Wolff bought the place on his arrival and lived there with a single house servant Josephine until the day he died. For most of the time, Wolff was a virtual recluse, remaining in his house, except for the occasional cruise in his yacht the Vega and the half dozen times or so when he exchanged social visits with his next door neighbour Commander Evans.

Chapter 2 of the book, when Boggles and Ginger first visit Rumkeg Haven, is another occasion for Johns' vivid word pictures when he describes the beauty of the place. Ginger remarks that it is "gorgeous technicolour!" Of the anchorage, Johns writes how under a sky incredibly blue, "turqoise undulations of water surged in to caress a crescent of glistening sands." Behind the beach, crowded wtih coconut palms, "the land rose sharply under a cloak of colourful vegetation" towards the large house.

Both Tew's Anchorage and Rumkeg Haven are fictional places.

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