In Biggles and the Blue Moon, Sam was the name of one of three American bandits who planned to seize the pearl collection of Lin Seng. Together with fellow gang members Cortello and Sosbell, the three had set up camp in the jungles surrounding Taihan, the remote countryside villa belonging to Lin Seng. By controlling the only access road and cutting off the telephone line, they laid siege to Taihan and warned Lin Seng that he would only be allowed to leave the location if he left his pearls behind.

When Biggles sought to leave Taihan in order to collect his Auster to fetch Lin Seng, Sam was among the group which ambushed his vehicle and took him prisoner.

Later, when Cortello wanted to go nearer to Taihan to scout out what was happening there, Sosbell, not trusting Cortello, sent Sam to shadow him.

Sam saw Cortello crossing over a fallen tree which spanned the gulley between the jungle and the Taihan golf course. Cortello then seemed to be talking amiably with Algy. Sam believed Cortello had double-crossed the gang and killed him. Sam dispose of Cortello's body by tipping it into the crocodile-infested gully which separated the Taihan golf course from the jungle.

Later, Sosbell and Sam decided to do their own reconnaissance of Taihan by going to the fallen tree. In order to keep the group together, they brought Biggles along. The scouting expedition however came to an abrupt end. Algy, not knowing the others were around, decided to blow up the fallen tree with dynamite to improve security at Taihan. The blast caught Sosbell and his partners by surprise, killing or stunning most of the party. Biggles recovered quickly enough and, after retrieving his gun, sought to make his escape, shooting Sam when he tried to intercept. Sam's body, like that of Sosbell's was never found and it was supposed that the crocodiles had dealt them the same fate they inflicted on Cortello.

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