In Biggles Takes a Hand, Saxton Old Hall was the countryside residence of Dr Bruno Jacobs. Located in the Sussex Village of Saxton, Jacobs moved there after he retired from his dental practice. Jacobs' wife had died and he himself suffered from rheumatism and he found it hard to maintain his house Westwinds in Hampstead without staff. Miss Johnson, who used to assist him in his dental clinic, moved to Saxton Old Hall with him to act as his nurse and housekeeper.

Biggles asked Ginger to take Anna Lowenhardt to Saxton Old Hall, thinking it would be a suitable refuge from Ludwig Karkoff and his gang of professional assassins. However when Ginger reached the hall, he found two of Karkoff's men staking out the place. They had, it seemed, managed to find Jacob's new address.

Saxton Old Hall and the village of Saxton are fictional places.

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