In Biggles in Australia, the See Taube, or Sea Pigeon, was a ship which von Stalhein used to get to Australia. The ship was subsequently wrecked during a violent storm. Of the 22 crew, only seven, including von Stalhein, survived and made it on to an unnamed island northeast of the Rowley Shoals. There they met Toto Wada and some members of his pearling lugger who had also been shipwrecked and had taken refuge on the island. The crew of the See Taube murdered Wada and took his lifeboat and made for mainland Australia, landing at Eighty Mile Beach. According to the survivors, the See Taube had sailed from Hamburg and had been conducting oceanographic research before it was wrecked. Not surprisingly, the ship was unheard of in Hamburg, and none of the names given by the survivors were known in Western Europe.

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