In Biggles Makes Ends Meet, the Shima was an ocean going sambuk, a kind of dhow, of about 70 tons owned by Mr Tidore. Homeported in Jaffna, Ceylon, the Shima was used by Tidore for pearling. It was fitted with an auxiliiary engine and carried a crew of six. Off the Nicobar islands, the Shima was attacked by a motor yacht or launch and its entire catch of oysters robbed and transferred. One member of her crew was killed and three wounded, two seriously. When the Shima returned to Jaffna, the owner Mr Tidore put in an insurance claim for 10 thousand pounds. According to The Count, the Shima had actually been to Macao before passing the Nicobars and was carrying smuggled gold hidden inside the oyster shells. The ship which attacked the Shima was probably the Floridia, a oil burning motorized yacht belonging to Colonel Black, the leader of the smuggling gang which operated a secret base in the Nicobar islands.

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