In A Routine Job, Torini was the leader of the drug ring which supplied marijuana cigarettes to places such as the Pepe's Place coffee bar. A wealthy owner of a Mayfair nightclub, Torini lived in a posh flat in Mayfair and also owned a cottage on the Channel coast where he spent most of his weekends, commuting there in his Bentley. Biggles posed as a drug addict at Pepe's Place and spotted a drug peddlar nicknamed Birdie. He followed Birdie to Torini's Mayfair flat. Biggles then decided to stake out the flat at the weekend and then followed Torini to the seaside cottage. There he witnessed parcels being dropped onto the beach by an Alouette helicopter which had presumably come from France. Some of Torini's men retrieved the parcels and brought them inside the cottage. Some time later, two suitcases were brought out and loaded into Torini's Bentley. Biggles waited for the arrival of the Drugs Squad officers and then proceeded to raid the place. The marijuanna was found in the Bentley and Torini and his men were arrested.

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