In Biggles Hunts Big Game, the United Services Club was the place where Ginger and Bertie put up for the night after arriving in Cairo, with the intention of joining the "Hunters' Tour" organised by Stellar Skyways, the airline which Biggles suspected was a front for the international counterfeiting ring they were investigating. No club by that name existed but there was a Services Club, which was located at the Royal Pavilion at the Heliopolis Race Course. This building was originally intended as a casino but in 1941 had been turned into a recreational club, one of many, for allied servicemen to spend their rest and recreation time while in Cairo. The club is located less than 3 km from Almaza Airport where Ginger and Bertie landed in their Beaufighter, and thus it is quite likely that they would have chosen to stay there. Heliopolis Race Course is today Merryland, an amusement park in the Heliopolis district of Cairo.

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