In The Man Who Lost His Foot, Valesid was the name of a Greek chemist who ran a shop in a side street near Paddington. When Nobby Donovan, an ex-R.A.F. pilot, called at the shop asking for something for the pain he experienced as the result of his amputated foot, Valesid supplied him with heroin and succeeded in getting him addicted. Donovan reported his predicament to his wartime colleague, Biggles. Biggles was determined to bring down the entire drug network of which Valesid was only a part. Subsequent investigations by him and Gaskin revealed that the ring was headed by a Egyptian-Greek merchant Arbram Nifar who grew the poppy plants in a farm in Devon. It can be assumed that Valesid was among those rounded up by Gaskin and Biggles at the conclusion of the case.

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