West was the name of an air traffic control officer at Darwin Airport who appeared in two Biggles novels: Biggles Works It Out and Biggles in Australia.

Biggles first met West in Biggles Works It Out when he arrived at Darwin while investigating a gold robbery which took place at Sandy Bottoms in the Northern Territory of Australia. West introduced Biggles to Len Holmes who had rented an Aeronca light aircraft to one Dick Canton whom Biggles thought was a suspect. Canton had visited the goldmine shortly before the robbery using the Aeronca posing as a journalist in order to collect information on the gold convoy. When Biggles and Len Holmes both concluded that Canton must have refueled his Aeronca somewhere in the outback, West connected this with a Douglas DC-3 which he had seen overfly Darwin and heading inland while ignoring all his radio calls.

Biggles met West again in Biggles in Australia. This time Biggles was on the trail of von Stalhein who had arrived in Australia as a survivor of a shipwreck. The survivors, including von Stalhein, had apparently been taken to Darwin and had then disappeared. Before his arrival, Biggles had requested West to make some preliminary enquiries for him which West duly did--discovering that the survivors had been taken to Brisbane on a Lockheed Constellation piloted by a Qantas pilot Jimmy Alston. The aircraft had been chartered by a mysterious man named Smith who had paid in cash. West continued his enquiries and later told Biggles through Algy that Jimmy Alston had seen Smith again, this time at Cloncurry, buying an Auster. This time he had been accompanied by a pilot named Cozens.

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