In Biggles Sorts It Out, Biggles follows the trail of his suspect Richard Browning all the way from Britain to Windhoek Airport in South West Africa (now Namibia). There Browning;s trail petered out and he was thought to have gone into the Kalahari Desert. Windhoek Airport then became Biggles' main operating base as he searched the Kalahari Desert for signs of Browning's aircraft.

Windhoek, the capital of Namibia has two airports. The larger of the two, Hosea Kutako International Airport (IATA: WDH, ICAO: FYWH), is located 46 km to the east of Windhoek and handles mainly international scheduled traffic. It opened in 1964 (at that time, named J.G. Strijdom Airport) and thus it probably existed at the time Biggles visited Windhoek.

The other airport is Windhoek Eros Airport, is located in Windhoek City itself, 5 km south of the city centre. It is today the busiest airport in Namibia, and handles regional, domestic and general aviation traffic.

Of the two airports, the balance of probability suggest that Biggles would have used Eros Airport. He certainly would have found the daily shuttling of over 46 km between the city and the airport inconvenient. In Chapter 6, Biggles tells the airport manager, "We'll take a walk and find quarters." If he was over 46 km from the city at the International Airport, he could hardly have talked about walking! By contrast, local hotels are easily available in and around Eros.

On arrival at Windhoek, Biggles saw a Boeing of South Africa Airways at the airport. The only Boeings used by SAA in the mid-1960s were the Boeing 707 and 727. It is still credible that these Boeings landed at Eros, if they were regional flights originating from South Africa. 

Prior to landing at Windhoek, both Biggles and Browning refueled at Nova Lisboa, today known as Huambo, which is 684 miles to the north in Angola.

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