In No Rest for Biggles, Wing Commander Tony Wragg was an R.A.F. officer and pilot-in-command of an Air Transport Command Handley Page Hastings V.I.P. flight which had been flying General Homer Mander from Aden, via Khartoum, Kano and Dakar back to the United States. Enroute to Dakar from Kano, Wragg's aircraft had been brought down over the jungles of Liberia and the crew and passengers taken prisoner by Christophe, an ex-American who dreamed of setting up an African empire. Wragg was described by Biggles as one of the best pilots in the R.A.F., with more than 10 thousand hours experience.

After Biggles released the prisoners from Christophe's prison enclosure, Biggles asked Wragg to fly the escapees to safety using Biggles' own Hastings, which Christophe had also brought down. Wragg safely deposited his passengers at Dakar where he met Algy who was on his way back to meet Biggles. Wragg insisted on going along to help, piloting Algy's Halifax while Algy flew the Auster.

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